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The Villa Toscana was built in the beginning of the 20th century. Since the 1950s the grounds and the building are owned by a catholic sisterhood. The following text was written about the history of the estate:

„Mr. Karl Baron von Wiedemann used to own this building. Before he passed away, he donated the entire building and garden to the congregation of the nuns of Niederbronn.

As a patient, he spent considerable time at the hospital of Füssen. The unselfish nursing and care of the nuns braught him to the decision to donate his property.”

The leaders of the congregation took over the Baron's ownership in the year of 1947 and opened its doors as a recreation home for their nuns. The house is named after the leading nun „Saint Virginia“. In 2011 the congregation decided to open the house for the public and after some rebuilding and redesigning it was used as hotel.

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